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Talent support

Sanja Loncarevic  12/06/2018  2:13:02

Company Albo d.o.o. for the fourth year supports the work of organization Drumska strela – the first Serbian Formula Student Team, whose members are students of the University of Belgrade. Each year talented and dedicated students project, develop and test a new vehicle – a formula with which they perform at competitions abroad.

During the preparation of the formula they used, lathes, grinders, milling machines, welding machines, adhesives, paints, etc. Members of the Organization are aware of the importance of using personal protective equipment when they use these machines and materials, and transfer it from generation to generation as a rule and the most important responsibility to themselves. Due to the diversity of work procceses in the development of the formula, they need a variety of specific protective equipment. As they state, so wide PPE assortment they have been found only in Albo, which prompted them to apply for donations only to us.

They especially emphasize the importance of using 3M masks to protect the respiratory organs, because they are exposed to fine particles as a result of grinding and scraping. During the painting they use coats, gloves, caps and napkins from our range of single-use items. For the perfect cleaning of various items, they praised Albo’s industrial three-layer napkin, which does not leave any hairs on the objects. With our napkins they clean hands, tools, oil from surfaces – almost everything.

This year too, we were pleased to donate personal protective equipment to Drumska strela, which was used for the production of vehicles for the 2018/19 season. The finished formula was presented at a grand ceremony – you can see the part of the atmosphere in the photos and the team of Drumska strela we wish security and a lot of luck on the competition.




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