How it was at the EXPO 112?


10 Oct Sanja Loncarevic
28 Sep Sanja Loncarevic
20 Sep Sanja Loncarevic

Growth and new energy. These are the words we could describe the past few months – because of the increased volume of work, many new colleagues have joined us. With the welcome, their “old” colleagues needed to share their knowledge and experiences with them.ALBO has over 5000 articles in its assortment, which includes all categories […]

19 Sep Sanja Loncarevic

If you read these lines on our site, it is very possible that you are familiar with the concept of standards that have the EN, ISO, and SRPS marks. Many people, however, didn’t deal with the significance of standardization and often have the first thought first of something strictly, unified and non-creative. Standards are part […]

CO2 aparat - vežba 17 Sep Sanja Loncarevic
PROTIVPOŽARNI APARAT S-3A 14 Sep Sanja Loncarevic

Despite the fact that fire extinguishers are very simple devices, surprisingly small number of people actually know how to use them properly. The consequences of this ignorance can be extremely dangerous. We will briefly and as easily as possible present the basic differences between two types of firefighting devices – carbon dioxide (with CO2 marking) […]

12 Jun Sanja Loncarevic
12 Jun Sanja Loncarevic

ALBO d.o.o. participated in the 4th Conference on Industrial and Hazardous Waste, Treatment of Industrial Wastewater and Municipal Waste” and 5th “Pharmaceutical and medical waste”, held in Subotica at the end of May 2018. Conference organizer was the Association of Clusters for the Protection of the Environment and sustainable development and the whole event was […]

18 May Sanja Loncarevic

Representatives of Albo company participated in the conference called Housekeeping Workshop 2018 at the hotel Sloboda in Šabac, organized by the magazine Turisticki svet. Representatives of management and housekeeping departments from over twenty hotels gathered on a two-day event to exchange experiences and get acquainted with novelties in the field of professional hygiene. Albo has […]