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B.O.S. kompani and ALBO – everything for handyman

Sanja Loncarevic  29/05/2019  10:58:56

Albo gladly responded to the this year invitation of the B.O.S. kompani from Krusevac for participation in the fair that took place on May 24th.

B.O.S. kompani and ALBO have a very successful cooperation for many years, because B.O.S. shop offers everything for handyman, as their slogan says, and ALBO is here to provide the handyman with the best protection during work.  Thus, in B.O.S. shop can find all categories of Albo personal protective equipment – gloves, suits, shoes, head, face and hearing protection.
On this occasion, we presented to visitors our new line of Dankers gloves, Stenberg work clothes, as well as Catamount work shoes – Diablo and Viper.
We met with users of protective equipment and answered their questions, which is always very useful for us, because we find out what problems they encounter in their work and how we can solve them.

Thank you B.O.S. a hospitality company and a pleasant atmosphere in which this fair was held.

We’ll see for sure next year in Krusevac.


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