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Donation for studenst of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Sanja Loncarevic  26/02/2019  11:36:00

The Department of Production Engineering, within the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, deals with the design of technologies for the fabrication, assembly and distribution of parts in the mechanical engineering industry, as well as the training of appropriate personnel for performing the above tasks. Within the department there are 9 laboratories, each for different fields of mechanical engineering, in which students acquire practical knowledge.

The Department of Production Engineering is registering more and more students every year, which positively speaks about the need for the labor market for these young experts.
In order to help students who will take care of other workers in production facilities in the future, we donated protective goggles and gloves to all students attending classes in these laboratories.

We went to laboratories and talked to assistant Nikola Vorkapić and professors and got acquainted with the way in which practical work was practiced. Considering the machines that are used, we realized that there are risks, first of all, of cuts and injuries to small particles. Therefore, we are very pleased that we have provided the participants with protection against these potential risks.

In the hall of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, we also visited the formula developed by students, members of Drumska strela organization – the first Serbian Formula Student Team. For four years, ALBO has been providing protection equipment to Drum Lightning during the design process of the formula, and we have already written about it on our site.

As leaders in the field of safety and protection at work, it is always our pleasure to help others who need protection, and they are not systematically secured. We are especially pleased with future young leaders who will invest their knowledge in industrial development at all levels, and at the level of employee protection.

We wish all students a lot of luck in continuing their studies and we believe that we will meet them again as employees and leaders in the field of manufacturing engineering.

Asistent Nikola Vorkapić




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