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Training our new colleagues

Sanja Loncarevic  20/09/2018  10:50:15

Growth and new energy. These are the words we could describe the past few months – because of the increased volume of work, many new colleagues have joined us. With the welcome, their “old” colleagues needed to share their knowledge and experiences with them.ALBO has over 5000 articles in its assortment, which includes all categories of personal protective equipment.Therefore, our product managers, Vlada and Ivan, had a complex and significant task – to present the characteristics of each product category in the understandable, comprehensive and practical way. Considering their great experience, knowledge and dedication, we are sure that they succeeded in this, but it is now for new colleagues to apply the acquired knowledge in their work. On this path, constant support will be provided by their more experienced colleagues.

Our greatest value is our employees and therefore ALBO continues to invest in their education and trainings. Only in this way we can provide an adequate service to our clients and make their workers safe and secure.

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