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Training at 3M

Sanja Loncarevic  29/10/2018  1:03:38

Many people know about 3M, because it is a well-known US multinational company, which operates widely in the fields of industry, health and consumer goods.

ALBO and 3M cooperate for many years in the field of personal protective equipment. Accordingly, ALBO offers a wide range of 3M products in the field of respiratory protection, vision and hearing protection, protective helmets, as well as products in the field of hygiene and work place safety (anti-slip and reflective tapes, pads …)

It can be said that personal protective equipment is “a science for itself”, and therefore requires knowledge of scientific facts and innovations. For this reason, our relations with partners is never just a business, but it also involves frequent education, mutual exchange of experiences and knowledge.

In that spirit, on the October 26th, 3M hosted our colleagues at the training, during which they presented 3M innovations in the field of respiratory protection, vision and hearing protection. We had the opportunity to get to know the latest respirators, polymask and full masks filters, automatic masks for welders, as well as the latest models of protective glasses and antiphones.

We thank Biljana Subotic and her colleagues from 3M for knowledge and hospitality, and ALBO will continue to lead you with science to safety.




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