3M 6800

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Full-face mask respirator, with two changeable bayonet filters (pursuant to EN 14387) and huge exhale valve, with minimal resistance while breathing. This model reduces heating and sweating. Exhale valve is designed in such a way, so that the air flows downwards, not in the object operated with. This respirator has 4-point harness, ensuring an effective facial fit. This soft, antiallergic, elastomeric respirator has wide field of view for excellent visibility and polycarbonate lenses resistant to scratches and impacts (pursuant to EN 166). The filters securely and firmly grip to the face, and do not reduce the peripheral vision. It is used in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, in the handling of pesticides, etc. It is delivered in three different sizes: 3M-6700 small; 3M-6800 medium; 3M-6900 large. EN 136

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