3M Fahrenheit Acetate

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Safety glasses with a wide, soft silicone frame, acetic glass resistant to chemicals and a wide (25 cm) elastic nylon tape. Optical class of the lenses is 1. They provide medium-speed impact protection up to 45 m/s, protection against liquid droplets, large particles of dust and molten metal, and solid glow particles. Special coating prevents scratches and fogging. They have a special channel on the side of the frame, which is used for adjusting the temple of the dioptric glasses. Aerodynamic shape allows 180° visibility. Compatible with G3000 helmet. They have ventilation, without foam reinforcement. Suitable for use in metallurgy (smeltery and foundry) and in the chemical industry, where spraying of acids and bases can occur. EN 166 1.F.3.4.9

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