3M G3000 with ventilation and wheel

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Safety helmet made of lightweight ABS plastic, with UV stabilizer. A short visor provides a wide field of view. It has a 3M™ Uvicator™ sensor disk, which shows the level of UV damage (UV radiation damages ABS helmets in time). Width can be adjusted by the wheel. The insert can be turned 180°, which allows the helmet to be worn vice versa, while working in the cramped spaces. It has changeable, sweat absorbing tape on the forehead for increased comfort and hygiene. Available in two variants: with or without ventilation. Helmet with ventilation (3M-G3000V) ensures an uninterrupted airflow, through a variety of ventilation openings arranged along the top of the helmet, that reduces the temperature within the helmet. The helmet without ventilation (3M-G3001) provides a certain protection against spraying of molten metal (MM mark) and short-term, unintentional contact with electrical wiring under voltage of 440 V (alternating current), according to EN 397. There is also a 3M-G30011000V version, without ventilation, pursuant to EN 50365, which makes this helmet suitable for low voltage (not over 1000 V alternating current) operation. On the G3000 helmet it is possible to mount 5F-11, 5E-11 or 5C-1 visors, and optionally - Optime I (H510P3E), Optime II (H520P3E) and Optime III (H540P3E). Forestry kit is obtained by mounting the Optime I orange earmuffs, the 5C-1 wired visor (with the addition of the V5 visor carrier with the P3EV adapters), and the neck protection. EN 397