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Electronic earmuffs with a built-in automatic level of protection adjustment function dependent on the detected noise level. They are available with a headband or attachable to the helmet. They have a double shell which prevents the sweat which might accumulate in the earmuffs to penetrate to the electronic components inside the earmuff. There are big activation buttons on the earmuffs which can be used even with gloves on. The device detects the increase of the noise level and automatically adjusts noise reduction (up to 32 dB), and vice versa, it lowers the noise canceling function when the noise intensity falls down. There is the possibility of manual adjustment (in fve steps) of the level of sensitivity to the ambient sound. It has the option of connection (using a 3,5 mm connector) with an external radio or a mobile phone. Battery life is 100 hours. SNR is 32 dB. EN 352-1

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