Automatic mask CA-27 YOGA + BASIC motor unit for air supply

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Automatic welding mask with exceptional price-quality ratio. Made of lightweight (mask weight only 650g) and durable material,  uses AerTEC ™ 100 automatic welding filter dimming levels DIN 9-13. Filter dimensions 110x90mm, and the dimensions of the view field 100x53mm.  In combination with AerGO or BASIC motor units for air supply, is an advanced solution for very demanding welding conditions. Also, it can be mounted on "Airline" compressed air supply systems. The BASIC motor unit represents the simplest and the most economical solution, which allows filtration air from dust. The air flow can be adjusted manually (170-240 lpm) with just one button. Comes bundled with a rechargeable Li-Lon battery (7.2 V/4.4Ah), which allows 10 hours of operation (with the smallest air flow (170 lpm), full battery and new filter), and only 5h charging. It has an electronic control of constant air flow (regardless of battery level and filter contamination). He also owns advanced audio / visual user alert system to low battery level and filter contamination. EN 12941 TH2, EN 14594 2A/2B EN 175 B EN 379 1/1/1/2

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