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Innovative barrier made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), resistant to UV radiation. Exceptional system with Flexi-Clips™ hinges, allows this barrier to connect to other types of JSP barriers (and also barriers of other manufacturers), on a flat or uneven ground. Yellow pillars can be used for cross-link reinforcement of two barriers, or for reinforcing with Sufefoot Bloc™ weighted anchor (blockers). These pillars can be packed into the barrier if necessary, and the length can be easily adjusted. When it is used individually (when installed over the base unit), or in combination with the pillars, the Sufefoot Bloc™ weighted anchor system is very practical if there is no other barrier due to lack of support space. This weighted anchor system (blockers) is made of recycled PVC, weigh about 6.5 kg, and have anti-slip finishing at the bottom, which makes it an ideal backbone. The basic Surefoot™ barrier bases weighs about 3 kg, is extremely stable, and the outer side is in high-visibility yellow, which reduces the risk of tripping of the workers and pedestrians. Frontier® barrier is stable even in windy conditions - independently positioned, it stays upright at wind speed of 31 km/h, and in a special formation (several barriers connected, with blockers) up to 95 km/h. On the Frontier® Barricade, Maxilite™ and Microlite ™ signal lamps can also be mounted.

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