Showa N-Dex 7565

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Disposable antistatic non-powdered nitrile gloves black, without silicone, packed in a box of 50 pieces. Thickness 0.15 mm, length 30 cm. Antistatic gloves are indispensable in all industries and work operations where the release of accumulated static electricity from workers can damage the electrical components to be manipulated, as well as in various industries where flammable liquids and gases are concerned, such as the petrochemical industry, mining, and the like. These gloves are also suitable for handling food (according to 1935/2004) and are often used in printing, auto repair shops and generally in the automotive industry. Category III Personal protective equipment.

  • 100% nitril
  • Antistatic
  • Single use
  • Powder free
Size: S-XL EN 374-2 AQL 1,5 EN374-3 EN 455

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