Panorama M3

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Full-face mask respirator made of odorless, anti-allergic, silicon rubber. The filter has DIN thread. This mask perfectly fits to the face, thanks to the double silicone membrane. Polycarbonate, panoramic visor maximizes the field of vision (over 90%), it is scratch resistant and anti-reflective. This respirator reduces the feeling of claustrophobia which is very common when wearing full face masks. The glass has an anti-fog technology - the air circles the inside of the mask before it is inhaled, and such an internal airflow prevents the mask from fogging. The interior mask is designed to direct the quick release of Carbon Dioxide through the valve, thus facilitating breathing. The respirator is designed in such a way to rapidly flush Carbon Dioxide through the valve, which makes breathing easier. This respirator has 5-point harness, with buckles for quick release in the risky situations. It is used in the chemical and petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, when spraying pesticides, etc. EN 136

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