Stenberg Protector – jacket and bibpants

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A protective suit for welding and similar processes, for heat and flame protection and for protection against static electricity. It is made of a navy blue fabric which consists of 87% cotton, 12% nylon and 1% carbon fber, 260 g/m². It is sewn using freproof thread and has freproof reflective ribbons. The jacket has two upper sewn on pockets and two side pockets, sturdy cuffs and an elastic sewn in waistband. The closure is protected with a flap. The bibpants have two covered inner pockets, two sewn on side pockets, one back pocket and one fornt on the chest. The legs are narrower at the bottom, which prevents penetration of sparks. The suit is adequate for gas welding processes, TIG i.e. tungsten inert gas welding, MIG i.e. metal inert gas welding - e.g. using argon or helium, for micro plasma welding, spot welding and manual metal arc welding (welding using an electrode covered with rutile), for soldering, as well as for work with oxy-fuel cutting machines, plasma cutting, electric resistance welding and thermal spraying, and for work with portable welding machines. Due to its being heat resistant and antistatic, this suit is, besides welding, appropriate for use in oil, petrochemical and metal processing industries (foundries, forges and refneries), where, along with heat risks, there is also the risk of static electricity discharge which can cause explosion. Size 46-66 EN 1149-5 EN ISO 11611 class 1, A1+A2 EN ISO 11612 A1+A2 B1 C1 F1

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