Tyvek® Classic Xpert

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Ergonomic shaped, comfortable, protective coverall. It has 3-piece ergonomically shaped hood which does not limit visual field and provides good sealing around the edges when using face masks. It provides protection against various types of low concentration inorganic chemicals and against particles larger than 1 μm. It provides protection against radioactive particles, provides a reliable protection against dry particle type 5 and against limited chemical splashes type 6. This breathable coverall is easily disposed because it does not contain any halogen compounds. It has Tyvek® zipper with a flap for more safety and a large zipper puller which is easy to handle, even when wearing gloves. Cuffs, trouser leg endings and waistband are elastic and latex-free. Sleeves are designed not to ride up, so there is no need for thumb loops. In order to protect coverall wearer against penetration of harmful substances, seams are stitched using new technology. This coverall is used in automotive industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, agrochemical industry, for decontamination of contaminated soil and work sites, working with asbestos, in emergency response services, food processing, disposal of hazardous materials, industrial cleaning and maintenance, exposure to biological hazards, etc. Size M-XXXL Category III Type 5b (EN ISO 13982-1:2004 + A1:2010) Type 6b (EN 13034:2005 +A1 2009 - new testing method: EN ISO 17491-4:2008 method A) EN 14126:2003, EN 1149-5:2008, EN 1073-2