uvex Pheos CX2 9198.237

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Protective dark glasses with wide field of view. Thanks to the x-tended extended lens technology (also provide a certain lateral protection) and the x-twist technology of the curved lever, it has already achieved a puffy adjustment to the shape of the user's head, so that this model of glasses will never fail, and particles of dust or liquids falling from which angle, can not reach the user's eyes. They are especially curved to protect the area around the brow. The optical class of polycarbonate lenses is 1, and they provide low-impact particle impact protection up to 45m / s. The supravision exellence technology has provided these glasses with durable antimaglin properties on the inside and resistance to scratches and chemicals from the outside. They also have 100% protection against UV 400 air. They are completely free of metal parts, which ensure easy handling and mobility of the parts when opening. A special handle design ensures excellent ventilation and improves the microclimate in the eye area. These goggles set new standards by showing even better performance than the proven pheos series. EN 166 1.F.K.N. EN 172

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