uvex pheos CX2

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Dark protective glasses with a wide feld of vision. Owing to the x-tended technology of the extended lenses (they provide certain lateral protection too) and x-twist technology of curved temples, uvex achieved perfect adjustment to the shape of the user’s head. Therefore, this model will never fall off, and dust particles or liquid, coming from any angle, cannot reach the eyes. They are specifcally curved so that they also protect the area around the eyebrows. The optical class of the polycarbonate lenses is 1 and they provide protection against the impact caused by low speed particles (up to 45 m/s). The use of supravision excellence technology allows these glasses to have permanent anti-fog properties on the inner side and scratch and chemical resistance on the outer side. They provide 100% protection against UV 400 rays. They are completely metal free which enables easy handling and movability of the parts when they are opened. The special design of the temples ensures excellent ventilation and improves the microclimate in the eye area. These glasses set new standards by displaying even better performances than the already acclaimed pheos series. EN 166 FT EN 170 EN 172

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