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Exercise in use of firefighting equipment

Sanja Loncarevic  17/09/2018  8:00:53

A fire extinguisher is a device that people often buy to comply with legal regulations. But it is a device that can save our life and property in the case of a fire. During the summer months, fires are common, and often caused by air conditioners, which we use daily. On the other hand, the winter period carries the risk of fire due to the use of various heating devices. In short, wherever electrical installations are, there is a risk of fire, so it is very important to provide a fire extinguisher (sometimes even several devices) and to train employees or household members in their proper use.

As a company whose mission is security and protection, Albo has organized the exercise in use of firefighting equipment (FF), in which all our colleagues participated. We tested both types of FF devices – with carbon dioxide (CO2), with dry powder (S) and fire hydrant hose.

It is very important to know differences betwen these types of FF devices. Their efficiency varies depending on the situation (burning material). Do you know which FF equipment is needed to have in a car? What’s the best for the house? Answers to these questions you will find on our blog under the theme Fire distinguishers – how much do you know about them? , and below see our exercise.

PP aparati
Activating the fire extinguisher
“S” fire extinguisher
CO2 aparat - vežba
“CO2” fire extinguisher
Crevo sa hidranta
Fire hydrant hose


pp aparat 

protivpožarna vežba 

protivpožarna zaštita 


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