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Fair EQUAL and ALBO – Equal Security for All

Sanja Loncarevic  29/10/2019  1:21:23

Albo participated in this year’s EQUAL Fair, organized by the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans’ Affairs and Social Affairs from 23th until 27th October.  The aim of the fair is to present activities that the Ministry is undertaking to improve the lives and work of all citizens.

A number of organizations presented themselves at the fair, and Albo was invited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to present personal protective equipment, which proper use and the importance of
use are often unknown to users. These are the most commonly used respiratory, eye, head, face and hearing protectors, so our presentation was entitled – “Proper use of simpler and technically advanced personal protective equipment for respiratory, head, face, hearing and eyes protection.”

Respiratory and hearing protection are particularly important as injuries in this segment occur gradually and insensitively, and the consequences are irreversible. That is why we put special emphasis on respirators, full and half masks, devices with a separate supply of air, as well as all types of antiphons and earplugs.

Of course, to make the story of the so-called “above the neck” PPE complete, we also presented the specificities of the use of helmets, visors and goggles. It is always our pleasure to share our knowledge and experience with others and thus contribute to safer work in our area. We thank for this invitation and look forward to participate again next year.

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