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1 Jun

The key to any success is trust as a result of continuous improvement, and great companies are created by constantly improving relations with customers and partners. Albo company was pleased to host colleagues, partners and associates from Macedonia with the aim of developing, preserving and upgrading relations so that we can be each other’s safest […]

29 May
28 Apr

Anticipate, foresee and warn The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is celebrated every year on April 28 with the aim of raising people’s awareness of the importance of taking the necessary measures to prevent injuries at work and provide users with healthier and safer working conditions. In 2010, the Government of the […]

13 Apr
11 Apr
24 Mar

Pesticides are substances of chemical or biological origin intended to control weeds, harmful insects and pests in agriculture, and their inadequate preparation and application can lead to permanent unwanted consequences for human health and its environment, and it is necessary to know how to properly handle them. As our largest organ, the skin has a […]

28 Feb

The Albo company advocates for continuous education and improvement of employees through trainings, which contributes to the further transfer of knowledge to clients, partners and associates. The training was held by colleagues from the Category Management sector at the Putnik Inn hotel in New Belgrade, and the lecture was dedicated to all the categories of […]

9 Feb