3M™ Nomad™ 85 Aqua Textile Drop Down Mat

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Nomad Aqua 85 is a high traffic entrance mat with excellent mechanical durability and water absorption. Nomad Aqua 85 is based on a dual fibre tuft of loop piles on a nonwoven Polyester and Polyamid primary backing. Fine yarn fibres of Polyamide 6 provides the water absorbing performance and large coarse yarn fibres of Polyamid 6 supporting the scraping of dirt. This innovative construction is bonded to a phthalate free PVC backing which protects the floors from dirt and moisture plus reduces mat movement. Nomad Aqua 85 phthalate free PVC edges are designed to allow safe traffic.• Total weight (without edging): 3870 g/sqm • Colour: blue • Total Pile weight:770 g/sqm • Primary backing weight: 100 g/sqm • Total thickness: 7,5 mm • Pile height: 5,5 mm • Tufts / sqm: 115 920 • Dimension stability: < 1% • Edging width: 25 mm • Edging height: 2 mm • Total Water Absorption: 4,0 Liter/sqm • Drying time (at 2 Liters / sqm): 24h • Flammability: Euroclass EN13501 • Slip resistance: DIN 51130 Cfl s1 R12 • Colour: blue

0.9m x 1.5m