3M™ Nomad™ 8100 Terra Heavy Traffic Entrance Matting

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NomadTM Terra 8100 is an unbacked entrance matting material having an open structure of continuous coiled coarse vinyl filaments, bonded together to form an attractive flooring product. It collects dirt, and prevents it from being tracked into a building. Being unbacked it allows dirt to fall through the loops for easy cleaning. It is oil resistant and suitable for heavy duty foot traffic, in both wet or dry conditions. Product Positioning : For use as an entrance matting (in recessed matwells, or free-standing applications), outside or inside. Also in factory areas or other areas exposed to oily contaminants and/or heavy traffic. • Typical traffic: 1500-5000 crossings a day • Service Temperature Range : -23°C to +50°C • Special Features : Good dirt removal and hiding ability • Oil resistant • UV resistant • Attractive appearance

0.9m x 1.5m