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3M Speedglas 9100 XX

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Automatic welding mask with a deeper brim for greater protection of the neck and ears. Ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) protection all the time, in all phases. Selected welding filters with advanced optical performance and comfort while working. Welding filter dimensions: 107 x 73 mm (XX). It has side glass that widens the field of vision. Comfortable and soft headband enhances comfort. Exhaled air is directed through the side valves, which prevents its aiming in the direction of the object worked with. Compliant with mechanical resistance requirements for high-speed particles according to EN 175 Class B. It can be used for several welding processes - MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG, plasma welding, oxyacetylene welding/cutting and can also be used for grinding. Manual setup of darkening level: DIN 5, 8 and 9-13, including gas welding, microplate and argon welding. Darkening sensor speed: light/dark - 0.1 milliseconds, and dark/light - 0.04 - 1.3 seconds. Work temperature: from -5°C to +55°C. There are many spare parts available for this product - welding filters of all available dimensions, external (heat and scratch resistant) and internal glass, batteries, enlarging lenses, assembly parts, headband, side windows, sweatbands, hoods, neck and ear covers, etc. EN 379 EN 175 EN 166

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