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ASAP Latex Thick – Disposable medical gloves powder free

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Latex certified medical gloves intended to protect hands from: • chemicals and items that carry the risk of injury in medical facilities and the construction industry • body fluids such as mucus, blood and other contaminants They are characterized by: 1. Precision during operation The micro texture on the surface of the gloves provides exceptional tactile sensitivity and precision when working in all conditions. 2. Tear and abrasion resistance The material from which they were produced is resistant to physical damage and harmful chemicals for a long time, making your hands protected. 3. Comfort and softness Exceptional flexibility and grip make these gloves comfortable to wear for a long time. 4. No powder The smooth inside of the glove improves and makes it easy to wet and dry the gloves. 5. Ambidexterity Each glove fits both the left and right hand, which makes them practical and economical. 6. 100% latex Latex with a low level of protein and without powder reduces the possibility of allergic reactions and skin irritations. 7. Certified The gloves are certified according to EN 455 - 1: 2000 European standard for disposable medical gloves 100 pcs in package. Sizes: S-XL

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