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AU 1000 granules are a safe and effective absorbent. All sorts of liquid, chemicals (except for hydrochloric acid), water and oil, spilled on a solid surface will be quickly absorbed into the porous structure of the absorbent. Due to a high absorption capacity, granules react fast which means that the intervention is faster and that less material is needed for spill containment. AU 1000 is a natural, mineral product. It is not water repellent and does not float, and it is not slippery when used. Granules can be used indoors and outdoors, because they are relatively large particles, and they can be used in a preventative manner and during work. They are ideal for industrial floors cleaning and for oil removal from areas of work environment where there is a lot of movement. Absorption: 9 l of oil (per packet) Particle dimensions: 1-3 mm Weight: 9,5 kg (20 l)

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