Budenat Azid Plus D 587

-pH 0-0.5 -concetrate -disinfection -manual cleaning -container 1l

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Sour agent for all the hot, humid areas, swimming pools, for all spaces in which simultaneously removes tartar and disinfected. Effectively removes scale and at the same time disinfect. Extremely effective disinfection without much waiting time period with effect easy dissolution of tartar, stains from urine, traces of soap. Means is suitable only for acid-resistant surfaces. Not suitable for aluminum, the protected area, the acrylic glass and enamel, non-resistant to the acid. Available in a package:

  • 1l, article code B-D587/1L
  • 5l, article code B-D587/5L

-pH 0-0.5 -concetrate -disinfection -manual cleaning -container 1l

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