Budenat LM D 447

-pH 8 -concetrate -disinfection -manual cleaning -container 1l

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Neutral means, suitable for use in kitchens, rooms where food is prepared, homes for the elderly, fitness and wellness centers, schools, medical schools and health care facilities. Suitable for all wet areas, sanitary areas, swimming pools and water resistant for most surface materials, flooring. Before no aldehydes, listed on the IHO VAH list. Suitable for solid, waterproof surface. We recommend rinsing the surface with water after disinfection. Suitable for use on acrylic glass. According to European standards: EN1040, EN1276, EN1650, EN13624, EN13697, EN14476. Available in a package:

  • 1l, article code B-D447/1L
  • 10l, article code B-D447/10L

-pH 8 -concetrate -disinfection -manual cleaning -container 1l

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