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Cestus Deep GripTM Kool

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Breathable, lightweight and comfortable, knitted gloves made of high-quality materials, with double reinforced seams (sewn with Kevlar thread), which provide firmer grip and longetivity of the glove. SkidX™ technology makes the palm resistant to oils and water, and guarantees excellent grip of the wet or oiled objects. The back of the hand has thermoplastic rubber reinforcements, which protects bones and joints from bumping and impact. Additional reinforcement between the thumb and index finger. They have specially shaped cuff for easy putting on and taking off, with the user's identification label. They are used for handling wet and oiled objects, where there is a risk of mechanical impact on the back of the hand, so these gloves are ideal to use in extreme conditions with increased mechanical risks (mining, petrochemicals, construction, etc). Size L, XL EN 388 4342