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The automatic welding mask Climax 420 can be used for all types of welding (MIG / MAG electrodes, TIG / WIG, plasma jet cutting and welding) except laser and gas welding. Especially recommended for TIG welding. The dimming of the filter is DIN 4 (open) and DIN 9 - 13 (when welding). Filter size is 110 x 90 x 9 mm. The swiching time light-dark is 0.4ms, and the swiching tima dark-light is 0.1-1 seconds. Operating temperature is from - 10 C to + 55 C. Number of light detectors: 2.The weight of the whole mask is 0.528 kg and it is made of high quality polyamide. The mask uses solar energy. EN 175 EN 379

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