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Attractively designed, water resistant (O2 mark according to EN 20347), low-cut professional work shoes/sneakers made of leather. The upper consists of several specially cut leather pieces precisely sewn together with white thread, in order to achieve better ergonomics and modern design. The two-layer antistatic and anti-slip PU/PU sole is oil and petroleum resistant and has a shock absorber in the heel area. Higher density polyurethane, which is used for the bottom part of the sole, is attractively coloured red (DIABLO) or green (VIPER). A flexible insole has a soft cushion in the heel area, which largely contributes to comfort, as well as little holes at the front which provide better ventilation. The entire insole is removable. These characteristics, along with 3D breathable lining, contribute to incredible hygienic performance of this model, reducing the chances of unpleasant smells after a work shift to a minimum. The tongue is soft and padded and, like the laces, in contrast colour. The area around the ankle and a part of the tongue are reinforced with textile with the aim to reduce tear and wear of these parts, which contributes to durability. Size 36-48 EN 20347

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