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Water-repellent safety boots with steel toecap, specially designed for food industry. They are made of Acifort® material, with antibacterial lining which eliminates foot odor. Advanced, antistatic sole has excellent anti-slip properties and is easy to clean. Heel area (with energy absorber) provides additional stability and comfort, thanks to its special design. Dunlop team developed Acifort® (abbreviations from words "acid" and "comfort") material which the boot is made of. These boots, suitable for food industry, are resistant to acids, bases, mineral, animal and vegetable oils and fats, disinfectants, blood and other chemicals. Acifort® material contains compound of PVC (main material), nitrile rubber (provides comfort and chemical resistance) and polymer (provides durability). Acifort® material is even 50% more durable than classic PVC. These boots are stain resistant, which guarantees that the boots will remain white. Smooth surface makes this boots easy to maintain. Size 34/35, 36-49

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