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Black water-repellent boots for agriculture, made of Acifort® material, with a steel toe-cap, a steel midsole and antibacterial polyamide lining (nylon) which prevents unpleasant smells. The Antistatic sole has great anti-slip properties and are easy to clean. The heel area (with a shock absorber) is specially designed to provide better stability and comfort. There is additional reinforcement in the ankle area. Dunlop company developed this special material Acifort® (a coin which combines the words acid and comfort), which these boots are made of. Boots for agriculture, made of this material, are resistant to acids, bases, oils, petroleum and other chemicals. It is a unique blend of PVC (which is the basis), nitrile rubber (to ensure comfort and chemical resistance) and polymer (for durability). Acifort® material is 50% more durable than classic PVC. The surface fnish is smooth, which makes cleaning easier. Size 40-48 EN ISO 20345

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