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Dunlop Purofort® Professional S5 CI SRC

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Green water-repellent boots made of Purofort® material, with a steel toe-cap, a steel midsole and antibacterial PU lining which prevents unpleasant smells. The Antistatic sole has great antislip qualities and provides cold insulation (up to -20°C). The heel area (with a shock absorber) is specifcally designed to ensure additional stability and comfort. There is also a thin PU insole, which provides additional comfort. Purofort® material, which the boot is made of, is the state of the art material developed by Dunlop company. Using special technology, millions of air pockets are evenly pressed into synthetic material which leads to superior lightness, durability and thermal insulation, as opposed to rubber and PVC. Purofort® is much warmer, 35% lighter and twice as durable as rubber and PVC boots. It is resistant to mineral, animal, plant oils and grease, acids, bases, disinfectants, blood and other chemicals. Size 37-48 EN ISO 20345

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