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Black, disposable, non-powdered nitrile chemical gloves. The main features of EON CHEM gloves line are: • enable safe contact with food • available in two specific (non-standard) colors - purple and black • they provide lower volume of consumption than economical models of disposable gloves (lower percentage of bursting during wear and use, due to greater thickness) • eliminate the risk of an allergic reaction to the powder (made non-powdered after the manufacturing process) The KPT designation (symbols of the three chemicals) that the BLACK and PURPLE models from this line have according to  EN 374-1: 2016 means that they have endured in the testing process by this standard minimum 30 minutes without permeation (penetration through the pores of the material) of the followingchemicals: K - 40% Sodium hydroxide; level 6 (permeation time> 480 min) P - Hydrogen peroxide 30%; level 2 (permeation time> 30 min) T - Formaldehyde 37%; level 6 (permeation time> 480 min) EN ISO 374-1:2016 tip B EN 374-4:2016 EN ISO 374-5:2016 Size: S-XXL

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