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Tubes for retention and absorption of the outflows on the soil and on the water. They prevent spreading of the oily liquids and successfully absorb the spills. These tubes float on the water, preventing the oil from spreading and absorbing it at the same time. The same procedure applies to solid surfaces. Advantages: • Tubes are connected by the rope for easy set-up and removal • Tube chain can be formed thanks to the strong, metal rings • Strong absorbing properties make cleaning easier and faster • Polypropylene filling is waterproof and resistant to chemicals. It retains and absorbs spills (saturated liquids, as well) in different environments. • A solid outer shell protects the tubes from obstacles and remains, and makes them flexible • They absorb oil and petroleum products including lubricants and fuels, without water absorption • They can be used on the ground, but also float and are used to prevent spreading and accumulating spills on the water. • Clear white color for higher visibility in the environment. Dimension: 300 x 13 cm Absorption: 160 l (per package) Weight: 10 kg Pieces per pack: 4

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