PAB Fire Compact

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Safety helmet for professional firefighters, made of technologically advanced polymers, with simple lift and put down visor system, which is resistant to fogging and scratches (pursuant to EN 14458). Integrated inner glasses (clear or dark) are also resistant to fogging and scratches (pursuant to EN 166 and EN 14458). It has excellent resistance to high temperatures (up to 1000°C in a 10 second flashover flames). E2 electrical insulation. It has reflective tapes for optimal visibility in reduced visibility conditions. The chin strap, made of FR Meta Aramid, is resistant to high temperatures and prevents irritation. Height of the inner insert can be adjusted from the outside of the helmet's shell. Manufactured in accordance to EN 443, which regulates the production of firefighting helmets for professional firefighters. Multiple modification possibilities - high-visibility colors, aluminized neck protection, lamp (eLed or Xenon), communication system. EN 443 EN 14458 EN 166