Profile, type E, 5m

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Corner protection profile type E. Lenght 5m. Warning and protection profiles are the ideal solution for factory halls, warehouses and sales areas because, due to the technically advanced layered construction, they can absorb shocks very well and adapt perfectly to all uneven surfaces on which they are placed. In the center of the profile is polyurethane foam, coated with polyurethane foil. The protection of the foil, which is located on the surface, allows the color of the profile to remain intact due to the passage of time and due to wear. They are very easy to install, so that the protective foil is removed from the underside and the profile is simply glued to the desired surface, provided that it is not greasy. Additional adhesive must be used for installation on concrete surfaces. They come in standard lengths of 1 meter and in rolls of 5 meters. The profiles can also be cut to length and are available on continuous rolls up to 50 m. Warning and protection profiles can prevent both injuries to workers at work and damage to machines. The black-and-yellow warning color signals sharp edges, pipes, holes and obstacles very well, and contributes to overall safety at work. They can be applied indoors, as well as outside (eg on transport routes within the factory complex). Also, they can be installed on the machines themselves (forklifts, pallets), which reduces the damage in case of their accidental collision with other objects.

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