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Showa 379

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Chemical resistant gloves with polyester and nylon base, fully nitrile-coated, which provide protection against chemicals. They have additional foam nitrile layer on the palms and fingers, which provide firm grip of the wet and oiled objects. They are extremely breathable and abrasion resistant. These gloves are waterproof and nitrile layer protects wearer against carbohydrate-based compounds, benzene, hexavalent chromium (found in concrete). They are anatomically shaped and mimic the curvature of a human hand, which make these gloves extremely comfortable to work in. These gloves are used in agriculture, chemical industry, construction industry, maintenance jobs, painting, concreting, work that involves handling oil, etc. Size 8-11 EN 388 4122 EN 374 JKL Cat. III

8, 8, 9, 9, 10, 10, 11