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TM-13 Tripod

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Tripod/stand for evacuation (for two people) and lowering and lifting loads. The weight of the tripod is 37 kg and the maximum working load is 1000 kg. It has two central hang points. On tripod's head there are two rollers for pulling the ropes with a guard on the upper side that prevents the rope from slipping off the groove. Tripod's feet can be turned into two positions - for mounting on the rough surfaces (toothed edge), and for mounting on the flat surfaces (anti-slip, rubber feet). Slipping is additionally prevented by steel chains that connect the feet of the tripod. There are guides on the two legs in the form of a roller for the rope and the holes for mounting winches. Aluminum feet height can be adjusted in 9 levels. It is used when evacuating a person or object, in combination with a winch (such as RUP-503) and other equipment for preventing falls, such as automatic fall arresters, belts, ropes, etc.

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