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Tychem® F

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Protective antistatic waterproof overalls with a hood, which provide protection against different types of organic and highly concentrated inorganic chemicals and ultra fne particles, against radioactive particles and they are resistant to liquid spraying of up to 5 bar pressure. They provide biological protection - the requirements of EN 14126 standard are fulflled in the highest class, they are resistant to the most commonly used substances during decontamination processes. They enable type 3B protection, comfort and ease of movement - size L overalls weigh only 450 g. They are breathable, they can be disposed of in the usual way since they do not contain halogen compounds. The hood has an elastic band and self-adhesive chin strap which enables it to adhere better to breathing masks. The overalls have double adhesive tape over the zipper and an elastic loops for fngers and elastic bands around the waist, at the ends of the legs and sleeves. The seams are stitched and welded. They are suitable for use in agrochemistry, bioengineering, chemical industry, during decontamination of polluted soil and hazardous waste disposal, during emergency interventions in case of hazardous substances spill, in frefghting service, for industrial cleaning and maintenance, in medicine, in case of exposure to biological hazards, oil handling and oil tanker cleaning, in pharmaceutical industry, for tank inspection, cleaning and maintenance, etc. Size L-XXXL Category III, type 3, type 4, type 5, type 6 EN 1149-5 EN 1073-2 EN 14126 type 3B