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Tyvek® 800J

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Protective, antistatically treated (on the inside), waterproof coverall provides protection against various low concentration organic and inorganic water based chemicals, even under high pressure. This coverall provides an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort. It provides protection against radioactive particles, pursuant to EN 1073-2. It provides biological protection - pursuant to EN 14126. This coverall provides comfortability and enables freedom of movement (weights only 300 g). The hood has an elastic band and a self-adhesive chin strap which enables better sealing when used with respirators. This coverall has elastic cuffs, elastic thumb loops which prevent sleeves from riding up. Zipper closure has a flap over it. Additional taping of cuffs, ankles, hood and zipper flap are required to achieve a type 3 liquid tightness. Suitable for use in all situations that require protection from liquid and solid chemicals, as well as resistance to oil. Typical activities include industrial cleaning, work at petrochemical installations, in sewers and maintenance operations. Size S-XXXL Category III, type 3, type 4, type 5, type 6, EN 1149-5, EN 1073-2, EN 14126