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Uvex phynomic C5

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Cut protection gloves, very light and flexible. They are characterized by the feeling of "second skin" due to the exceptional adhesion to the hand, and at the same time, they are vapor permeable and do not lead to sweating of the hands. They provide high protection against cuts (level C) and high tear resistance thanks to the optimal composition of the material. The base is made of a mixture of polyamide, elastin and Dyneema® (glass fiber), one of the most resistant materials today, 15 times stronger than steel of the same weight. On the palms and fingers there is a coating of aqua polymer, which provides vapor permeability and excellent tactile characteristics. All this makes the gloves excellent for precision work, such as assembly, sorting and processing of food and the like. EN 388:2016 4 X 4 2 C

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