EVO 8 with ventilation

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EVO 8 fulfills and overcomes the requirements of the new and stricter EN 14052 standard, which is the biggest advancement in industrial head protection, since 1945. EN 14052 implies that the helmet must handle an impact of more than 100 joules per top, and to handle an impact of over 50 joules with the headform inclined at angle up to 60°, from the vertical in a radius of 360°, therefore, along the entire surface of the helmet. It is made of high density and the highest quality polyethylene. It has 4-point harness. It is used in situations where there is a high risk of impact from both up and down, such as construction sites, mines, refineries. The new system of ribbons and lining, made of low density polyethylene, gives the user extraordinary comfort. Available in versions with ventilation (extension V in product key) or without ventilation, in several colors. The helmet with ventilation is designed in such a way, so that the warm air get out through the openings and the cold air enters, which lowers the inside temperature by 2-3 degrees. The helmet without ventilation fulfills the requirements of EN 50365, class 0 - electrically insulating helmets for use on low voltage installations. Helmet without ventilation will protect the user from short-term, unintentional contact with the high voltage electric arc (440 V AC). It also provides a certain protection against spraying of molten metal (MM mark). A wheel for easy width adjustment makes this helmet universal and suitable for all head sizes. It is possible to mount accessories on the EVO 8 helmet (visor, visor holder and earmuffs) from the Surefit™ EVO collection. EN 14052