Kit – 3M air respirator with Adflo technology + automatic 3M Speedglas 9100 AIR mask (with air intake hose).

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3M ™ air respirator with Adflo technology is a respiratory protection device for greater comfort and safety during welding and similar processes. It is used in combination with the 3M™ Speedglas™ 9100 AIR automatic mask (dim. 107 x 73 mm (XX), with air intake hose and dust filter). It is designed to provide the filtered air supply, which pass through the air intake hose (from the Adflo unit, to the head mask). Minimum air flow rate is 160 l/m, and maximum is up to 200 m/l. This Adflo technology respirator can be equipped with a particulate filter, particulate arrestor, prefilter, and particulate filter indicator, which is activated when the particulate filter is clogged. It has built-in air flow control, which allows constant air supply during use. The electronic control unit provides an audio and visual warning when the battery is empty or when insufficient amount of air enters the mask. The device also has a five degree particle indicator - green and red LEDs show the expected working time depending on filter clogging. A lot of spare parts are available for this product. The Adflo respirator has the ability to set separate filters for particles (dust), gas filters and particulate filters (dust), which are separately changed when needed. Battery life: about 500 charging EN 12941 EN 14594

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