Force 8

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Half-mask respirator made of lightweight, flexible and durable thermoplastic rubber with superior fit to most face shapes. This half-mask respirator has two changeable, low-profile bayonet filters, with minimum interference with the field of vision (pursuant to EN 14387 and EN 143). It has Typhoon™ valve, with minimal resistance while breathing. This respirator has 4-point harness, ensuring an effective facial fit. Thanks to the revolutionary design of the bayonet filters, this respirator has Press-to-Check™ filters, which enable workers to quickly and reliably check optimal sealing before entering the high risk zone. Reflective tapes increase the visibility when working under reduced visibility conditions. It is used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, in the production of fertilizers, in laboratories, medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, construction, and in all jobs where proper respiratory protection is required. EN 140

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