28 Apr

Anticipate, foresee and warn The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is celebrated every year on April 28 with the aim of raising people’s awareness of the importance of taking the necessary measures to prevent injuries at work and provide users with healthier and safer working conditions. In 2010, the Government of the […]

24 Mar

Pesticides are substances of chemical or biological origin intended to control weeds, harmful insects and pests in agriculture, and their inadequate preparation and application can lead to permanent unwanted consequences for human health and its environment, and it is necessary to know how to properly handle them. As our largest organ, the skin has a […]

23 Feb
9 Feb
26 Jan
22 Dec

Cleaning and maintaining safety helmet correctly helps to maximise usage life and ensure full protection. Keeping the helmet clean also enables easier inspection. Some component parts are replaceable to extend product life further and improve hygiene. How to clean industrial safety helmet? Industrial safety helmets should be cleaned with soap and warm water and dried […]

9 Dec
1 Dec

When similar ideas and values ​​meet on the way to ensuring the safety of workers, products whose durability over time is guaranteed become synonymous of the quality. On this path, the companies Albo and Panda Safety have been walking together for 20 years. Cooperation like this has a specific weight because it is driven by […]

24 Nov