17 Nov

Payper is an Italian manufacturer of professional and casual clothing designed to facilitate movement, protect and equip with modern clothing. The clothing materials are created by advanced processes of processing long fibers. Thanks to that, comfort and durability are provided, and during the printing process – consistency. The softness of quality cotton provides a feeling […]

3 Nov
27 Oct

An effective maintenance system for respiratory protection products is essential to ensure that the equipment continues to provide the intended level of protection. Maintenance includes cleaning, inspection, replacement, repair and testing. WHY YOU SHOULD CLEAN AND MAINTAIN A HALF MASK? Information on proper maintenance of the mask can be found in the accompanying user manual, […]

20 Oct

Using different types of filters, protective masks provide protection from both solid particles and pollution in the form of gases and vapors. Valved respirators with minimal inhalation resistance allow for easier breathing, so wearers can work more comfortably without tiring quickly. This means that the worker is protected and can perform work tasks smoothly and […]

13 Oct

The British company JSP was founded in 1964 as a manufacturer of protective clothing and gloves, and over time the product base expanded: during the early 1970s to personal protective equipment and road safety equipment, and in the 1990s to spill risk management products . The companies Albo and JSP established cooperation in 2000, thanks […]

11 Oct
27 Mar

Kada je reč o radnoj i zaštitnoj obući, često se među svim svojstvima koja se navode u njihovim opsima sreću termini  vodoodbojnot i vodootpornost. Zbog njihove sličnosti, moglo bi se pomisliti da ova dva termina imaju isto značenje, ali to nije slučaj. Važno je znati razliku između  vodoodbojnosti i vodootpornosti, jer od toga često zavisi […]