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Four-layer fire proximity suit (trousers + jacket). Outside layer is made of waterproof, oil-resistant and flame retardant Nomex® 200 g/m² (75% metaaramid, 23%paraaramid, 2% antistatic fybres) material. Below the outer layer there is a moisture barrier (200 g/m2) made of woven fireproof material with PU membrane. Below this layer is a heat barrier made of 100 % aramid (150 g/m2). The inner layer is made of 50% Nomex® and 50% flame retardant viscose (130 g/m²). The suit has a chest pocket with a flap for a radio, and two classic pockets with flaps over them. Meta-aramid cuffs with Velcro closure prevent the flame from penetrating. The collar can be lifted and fastened by a Velcro. The jacket has metal zipper with a flap over it, with a quick release system. It has 50 mm wide reflective tapes, for better visibility in poor visibility conditions. The thread used in sewing is 100% aramid. The original color of this suit is navy blue, but the suit is also available in golden, by order. EN 469:2005, EN 469:2005/AC:2006, EN 469:2005/A1:2006 EN 1149-5:2018 EN ISO 13688:2013 Xf2 - resistance to heat transfer Xr2 - resistance to heat transfer by radiation Y2 - resistance to water leakage Z2 - water vapor resistance

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