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Albo at AgroBelgrade fair

Sanja Loncarevic  05/02/2020  3:26:14

The Fair of Fruit growing, Viticulture and Olericulture – AgroBelgrade, was held at the Belgrade Fair from January 30 to February 1.  Albo was one of the participants at this fair and on this occasion we presented the protective and work equipment intended for farmers.

Since farmers, first of all fruit growers, are expected to have a fruit spray in the winter, the emphasis in our presentation is on the protective equipment necessary during the use of pesticides – masks, glasses, coveralls, gloves and boots.

Visitors’ interest in our protective equipment was extraordinary and assured us that farmers are taking care of their health as well. Visitors were also interested in the latest developments on air pollution and coronavirus and how to protect themselves in these circumstances.

At our booth we were also visited by a media company specializing in AgroMedia agriculture, with whom we talked about protection during the use of pesticides, with each personal protective equipment described in more detail and outlined ways of its proper use.

As always, it was our pleasure this time to raise the awareness of the importance of using personal protective equipment to a higher level. It also means an opportunity for us to hear the experiences of users of protective equipment and what problems they encounter in their work.

Thanks to the organizers of the AgroBelgrade Fair. Anyone who wants to know more about protection while using pesticides can read the text on our  blog .

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