3 Jan

When it comes to clear and dark safety spectacles, their purpose is obvious to most users – light shields from particles (liquid or solid), and dark to strong light. On the other hand, the purpose of spectacles with yellow lenses is sometimes not quite clear, so we will briefly explain it here. Copper, orange, yellow […]

3 Jul

Workers working at high temperatures are at high risk of sunstroke, heatstroke and sunburns from sun exposure. The heatstroke can also be deadly or cause severe health problems, so it is necessary to work in accordance with the protection measures for work in such conditions. Any outside working should be analyzed and included in a […]

15 Apr
18 Jan

Since the ancient times, it was known that certain materials, such as amber, attract light particles from the air after being rubbed. The Greek word for amber is electron, which later became the root for the name for the electricity. The form of electricity, especially important in the field of personal protective equipment, is STATIC […]

19 Oct

High-visibility clothes today primarily relate to work equipment and generally situations in which protection from injury is necessary. However, the history of this type of clothing is much more interesting than we thought and dates from the 30s of the last century. Everything started right where it ended – and that’s protection from injuries at […]

19 Sep

If you read these lines on our site, it is very possible that you are familiar with the concept of standards that have the EN, ISO, and SRPS marks. Many people, however, didn’t deal with the significance of standardization and often have the first thought first of something strictly, unified and non-creative. Standards are part […]


Despite the fact that fire extinguishers are very simple devices, surprisingly small number of people actually know how to use them properly. The consequences of this ignorance can be extremely dangerous. We will briefly and as easily as possible present the basic differences between two types of firefighting devices – carbon dioxide (with CO2 marking) […]

29 Jun

Mnogi korisnici zaštitnih odela, cipela, šlemova i ostale opreme su zbunjeni pri definisanju jer se koristi više naziva koji se odnose na tu opremu. Postoji nekoliko izraza (HTZ, LZS, LZO, bezbednosna oprema, zaštitna odeća, obuća itd.) koji se preklapaju i korisnicima nije sasvim jasno šta se odnosi na šta. Pre nego što krenemo u detalje […]